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Aug 23 09 3:52 AM

I'm sure one of our resident historians will be along with some facts soon......

Until then..........Phalanxes pre date Phillip considerably, Greek phalanxes were the primary military unit in the wars between the Greek city states (Sparta, Athens, Cornith, Thebes etc).  Phillip basically took the basic hoplite, replaced his spear and hoplite shield with a pike and enhanced the Phalanx idea to make his rural peasant infantry into a cheaper stronger phalanx.


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Aug 30 09 8:54 AM

Most of the Greek city states probably did not adopt the pike phalanx as they were no longer strong enough to contest Macedonia.  Sparta and the Achaian did do so, but as Howard noted it was over 100 years after Alexanders death.   The hoplites did change from the round hoplon and armor to the thureos (similar to the Celtic shield) and lesser or no armor and were called thureophoroi while the ones who were armored were called thorakitai.

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#44 [url]

Sep 1 09 1:17 PM

When I think "Classic Greek Hoplite", I tend to think about the hoplite warfare period, from the Greek and Persian wars through the Pelopenesian wars.  Hoplon shield, Dori spear, Linothorax, and some Bronze cuirass (mostly to denote "leader" types), and some Bronze greaves.  Phillip, Alexander, and the pike phalanx don't even enter into my thinking during the period.

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#47 [url]

Jan 4 10 6:39 AM

Have you seen that Immortal Miniatures intends putting ouit 28mm Greek Hoplites of the Persian Wars era in plastic this spring?

Howard says

"What is surprising is that the Greek city states, in face of this obvious step forward that beat them every time, kept using the short spears and thinner phalanx for at least the next hundred years."

But it wasn't an obviois step forward.  It wasn't Alexander's pike phalanx which beat the Persian Empire but his superb horse - every time.  In fact in Asia when the pikes came up against greek mercenaries (at Issus) they were beaten.  The mercenaries crashed through them but when they saw both their Persian horse flanks had collapsed they kept going forward to the nearest port and embarked for Greece.  Don't take everything the pro-Alexander ancient writers say at face value - winners always write the history - but check out what actually happened in battle.  It was the Companions going for the opposing general that won Alexander's battles.

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Jan 4 10 9:31 AM

Have you seen that Immortal Miniatures intends putting ouit 28mm Greek Hoplites of the Persian Wars era in plastic this spring?


I think it has been known for the last half a year or so that they have been working on those.

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#50 [url]

Jan 4 10 6:52 PM

I would like to see some releases in the Greek city states, and some Persians. I just looked in on the Immortal website. I'm pretty sure Wargames Factory can outsculpt them.

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#51 [url]

Jan 4 10 7:16 PM

IMHO.....Ummm...."some company" could come out with a equipment sprue and combine it with a Ancient Generic bodies plus arms sprue.

I am therefore I think....OR....I think therefore I am...OR...I think I am therefore I am!!

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#52 [url]

Jan 5 10 1:20 AM

Yes I have seen it, has been mooted for over a year now?

I think it was the pike phalanx that beat the hoplite phalanx. I would imagine that it was the usual thing, "We are Greeks, why should we adopt the weapons of the barbarian Macedonians?". Result, they lost. But certainly Alexander used Greek mercenaries in his invasions.

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#53 [url]

Jan 29 10 9:39 PM

Hi all.
I was just looking over some comments about having the models cast with there shield arms attached, I think it would make the sprue too complicated to manufacture if designed that way.
 If the figure is cast with seperate arms, like other WF products, you only have one joint line to deal with on the mold and figure. With the shield arm attached however ( I'm assuming you want to have the figure with the shield in front, covering the chest) you create a small space between the body and shield which would have to be created by some sort of removable insert in side the mold. Making more joint lines and a mold that is very tricky to make! Trust me... :(

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#54 [url]

Jan 30 10 11:59 AM

I prefer the normal method of a seperate shield and arm.  One of the great things about plastic minies is the ease of removing mold lines (as compared to metal minies). It also allows for a little difference minie to minie as to the position of that left arm and shield.

I do want poses that are easy to rank up for battle/HtH. Still little differences in poses are a plus.

I am therefore I think....OR....I think therefore I am...OR...I think I am therefore I am!!

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#55 [url]

Jan 30 10 6:04 PM

If the shields and arms are separate then they could be posed as desired.  Also, this would allow them to be equipped with the thureos instead of the hoplon for the later hoplites.  Having separate right arms will allow people to pose them with either the spear upright or being used overarm.

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#56 [url]

Jan 31 10 9:40 AM

Actually, only the shield arm would be attached, not the shield itself (at least that's the way I described it), so you could mount the shield with little problem, and you wouldn't get a plastic filled void on the miniature.

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#57 [url]

Jan 31 10 11:43 PM

Separate shields and arms would be great for converting :)

Already see the ancient light infantry kit combined with this hoplite one, can make the unarmored/armored hoplites, peltast and psiloi!

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#59 [url]

Apr 20 10 12:44 AM

Apparently, the Immortal Miniatures plastic Greek hoplites are finally being released.

Also, there was a news announcement recently where Victrix Miniatures mentioned that they are also planning to produce a set of Greek hoplites in future.

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#60 [url]

Apr 21 10 12:26 PM

How about Persians from WF?? Foot that can be made as just guys or Immortals??

I am therefore I think....OR....I think therefore I am...OR...I think I am therefore I am!!

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