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Apr 21 10 4:01 PM

Random thoughts (not that anyone should care what I think....)
Firstly, it's interesting that Immortal is doing the shield and arm as one seperate peice from the body.  Really the way to go for these I think.  They really look slick, and I think I'll be getting them (after all, can anybody have enough Hoplites?)
Secondly, Immortal is going to do Persians as well, so I don't think WF should waste any time on them until Immortal says exactly what type of Persians they're going to do (after all WF has plenty of other things to work on, yes?).
Third, I think that Immortal is going the Warlord/Perry route of "plastics with metal" as opposed to the "mostly plastic" route that WF & Vixtrix seems to be following, therefore there should be "something good" for WF to do that will fit in well.  I think just more Hoplites, while they would be nice, would be a waste of time for WF to even think about.  Sad, but there it is.
Fourth, (God I ramble on) with Vixtrix doing the "us too!" dance with Hoplites this could set up a situation where a "Greek accessory sprue" could really cover all the bits and bobs that the other two leave off!

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#62 [url]

Apr 22 10 1:46 AM

"yea Immortal's are here"

While I am a fan of multiple companies putting out the same product (creates more diversity in my armies!), you have to wonder if WF will now cancel this submission due to the fact they have stated several times that they will not reproduce lines that other companies have already done in plastic.

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#64 [url]

Apr 22 10 6:43 PM

I still think Tim can outsculpt them. Competition is good for buisness. The question is can WF add to the might of rome line with a Hoplite box set. I would like that.


Sure, yet a box of hoplites that can be used for different eras of Ancient Greece would allow them to span across the Might of Rome concept, and back into the earlier timeperiods, which then lets them branch into making some of the enemies of Ancient Greece.

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#66 [url]

Apr 22 10 11:48 PM

Those guys don't look like neked 300 spartans to me - surely the movie didn't lie???  wink

"Don't try to make babies with your own roleplay character - it always ends in pain & shame" - Advice I never thought I'd have to give once, let alone TWICE!!

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#67 [url]

Apr 22 10 11:57 PM

I still think Tim can outsculpt them. Competition is good for buisness. The question is can WF add to the might of rome line with a Hoplite box set. I would like that.


Surely two manufacturers (Victrix and Immortal) releasing Greek Hoplites will provide enough competition for starters? And if the Victrix set follows their existing pricing policy, they will also be noticeably cheaper per model than the Immortal ones.

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#68 [url]

Apr 23 10 2:42 AM

Well if it comes down to only Victrix and Immortal as options, on price alone I'll wait to see what Victrix does.  And I'm not in a rush with so many other plastics to paint currently.

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#69 [url]

Apr 23 10 8:19 AM

I get the idea of complementary sets.  For example the surface is only just being scratched in Napoleonics in 28mm and there is room for many competitors .......... but with a young company I would rather see them complete the ranges they have started/laid claim to as well as respond directly to consumer excitement to fill a niche - like WF is doing with the SUPER EAGERLY awaited Marlburians.

One of my pet peeves is when a company starts a line and then allows it to die out before completeion.  I fully realize market forces dictate things.......... if set 1 and 2 of a planned 6 set range don't sell whats the point in sets 3-6..............but I like punching through and building a range that completes itself. 

The Might Of Rome Series - while not as high in my sights as Hammer Of Gods, Wars Of Empires or Howard's Cheesheads in Floppy Tricorn range :) .......MOR by it's growing completeness DOES encourage me to buy it when I see WF's dedication to that range.

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#70 [url]

Apr 23 10 8:45 AM

Aw, Hell... where were these guys back in the day when I played Runequest:


Actually, quite a lot of the recent historical plastics (ancient and medieval) could be very handy source of adventurer and NPC models for anybody running a campaign in Genertela.

Vikings/Saxons could probably make excellent Orlanthi. Numidians and Celts could probably find a number of uses. Could ancient Romans be used for Lunar Empire?

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#71 [url]

Apr 23 10 11:08 AM

Each of us has our "favorite period/armies". The armies/minies we each just "know" everyone else has been searching for but did not know it. 

I do very much hope that the companies making the 28mm plastic minies can ALL have success and make money....a profit even. IMHO, the more the better for the wargamers/buyers.

I am therefore I think....OR....I think therefore I am...OR...I think I am therefore I am!!

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#72 [url]

Apr 23 10 6:59 PM

Well heres my stance on this (I'm pretty much saying what others have already said on multiple other submissions)

Would I like to see WF make Greek Hoplites eventually?


Would I rather see other submissions that are already ahead like WSS Infantry, Smaurais, and WW2 Germans be made?

Yes to that also

Where is his will needed?

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Posts: 205

#74 [url]

May 7 10 12:18 PM

I just placed an order for two boxes of the Immortals - I'll post a bit of a review when I get my hands on them.  Mine will primarily be used in my home-brew fantasy dungeon crawl (likely mixed w/ WF miniatures to allow players to create a unique adventurer, and some quarrelsome baddies).

They look pretty good, and Immortal stated they are the first of a "new line" of plastics they'll be producing.

As much as I love WF - as a gamer now days I'll take whatever I can get.  I would be glad to have as many companies producing as much as they can (within a reasonable business plan of course)...we know how fickle miniatures can be.  Plenty of companies seem to come and go, so I just collect as much as I can.  I do believe that WF could produce a nice box of Hoplites, and sell a sh_t load of them.  However, now that number would be dropped a bit (due to competition) so I understand their lack of genuine interest.

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#77 [url]

May 27 10 1:30 AM

Spartans are said to have worn red cloaks, have the lambda symbol on their shields and long hair. Of those three, the long hair of the Spartans seems to be the most obvious difference and one that the other Greeks commented on. Frankly if they don't have long hair they are not Spartans.

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#79 [url]

May 27 10 9:01 PM

Yes the Spartans had long hair, but iirc they wore it bundled up inside their helmets to act as a form of cushioning.

That said, I wholly support the idea of plastic hoplites, Spartans or

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#80 [url]

Jun 5 10 5:22 AM

If the Spartans used their hair as cushioning then what did the rest of the greeks use? I should think that anyone who's ever had long hair would realise what a mess it can get into if used in that way. When I had long hair it used to get knotted when I went tramping just from rubbing against my pack until I learnt the value of plaiting it. In any case ancient art shows them with long hair sticking out from under their helmets. Whether they plaited it, braided it, or just let it hang loose I've no idea, but it was visible.

The only people I can think of who bundle up their long hair are Sikhs and they carefully wrap it in cloth afterwards, they also never wear helmets. Some of the younger ones wear a type of turban that looks like a phrygian cap or smurf hat but I digress.

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