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Dec 15 08 8:31 AM

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Feel free to post pictures of your painted or converted Wargames Factory miniatures!

Plastics lend themselves to so much convesion potential and we've received dozens of pictures already! Show what YOU can do with them!

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Dec 26 08 9:26 AM

What I really like about these figures (and plastic in general) is the versatility. Just looking at Zero23's 4 Romans. 3 of the 4 have the same right arm and they all look so different with just slight posing. That's very useful and takes hardly any time to achieve.

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Dec 26 08 10:47 AM

@ generaljoe: They have a balance between uniformity and identical figures. I'm not fond of having an entire unit of identical figures, but I do like regular troops to look similar.

The flip side of that is that I want maximum variety with irregulars, barbarians, etc. which should also be eassier with multi-piece plastic.

Wargames & Painting Blog:

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Jan 9 09 3:10 AM

My first three painted brits can be seen here:

I hope to finish more soon if life/other projects don't get in the way


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Apr 15 09 3:05 AM

Nice Celts!

Two pics of my work, the only ones I've done so far, since November... so little time :(
I kind of messed up one guy's face, because it was the first miniature I did in 10 years (I'm 21).

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Apr 15 09 5:47 AM

  I think those came out quite nicely! Keep up the good work.

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