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Aug 29 09 9:34 AM

There are more vague descriptions out there.

From what I could figure out, these would be armoured cavalry (mail + helmet) for various Germanic tribes for the late antiquity and early medieval period (say 400-600 AD). Armament should probably be primarily various spears and swords.

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Aug 29 09 4:23 PM

these would be the later germans who overran the rhine borders of the roman empire..........the differance with these and the ones comeing out now are,,,more armor mostly.Swords,javelins ,and shields would be much the same.These could be used to represent  Goths,Visagoths,Ostrogoths and to some degree Vandals.The german cavalry comeing out now will work really great for the rank and file cavalry.
 The biggest item needed I think would be later period helments.I could see useing the armored celt bodies with a mix of celt and german helment heads to make these later barbarian heavey cavalry ,,,and round shields instead of the oval and coffin lid shields.

                                                                                                       Runicus Fasticus

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#4 [url]

Mar 30 10 1:22 AM

the problem is mainly that term Germans loosly refers to about 30-50 tribes with a common laguage and culture much like native americans . which all migrated during the period between 400 - 600 ad .
and these where sometimes dressed verry different, for instance a Suebi tribesman would look verry different from a Visigoth ,but I certainly would welcome any migration era set.

armor wasn't uncommon for some these tribes, for instance the Ostro and Visigoths, Lombards,Vandals and to a lesser extent the Suebi, Saxons, Franks.

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