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Nov 17 12 11:19 PM

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Hello I have not posted in a while, but still comeby to check on news from time to time. 

I have a question regarding zombie girls. For those of you who have the zombie vixens, is it possible to make a non zombie female? I know at least one of the heads looks human (meaning not wounded or decayed). What about any of the bodies? Would some smoothing over with green stuff be sufficient to de-zombify some of the bodies?

I saw this pic in a review. the first head is perfect, are there any others that fit?

Thank you-

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Nov 25 12 12:27 PM

I was totally gonna try to make a 'Survivor' character from this set but forgot that I haven't picked one up yet, lol.  Looking at the pictures she would have to be running and/or injured for this work.  Honestly I think that making corpses would be easier than live civilians but that aint gonna keep me from trying!

No worries. {^_^}

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Nov 28 12 3:03 PM

It is do-able (honest) have a look at the sprue pics in the shop area.

The trousered lady and the uniformed nurse/cleaner/cop (whatever you paint her as) are pretty much 'intact' as is the waitress fig. The latter is a little knock kneed but that's not an issue, she could be just scared 

Is there anything you can't combine with the Persian figs?

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Nov 28 12 5:42 PM

I know that, with some green stuff and alternate heads, I was able to make some male zombies into suitable living folks. Perhaps, if you had some Amazon heads, you could use those as an alternate?

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